Why Mermaid…

Mermaid in English means siren, yes siren that one half woman half fish. In Greek mythology, the Sirens forced Ulysses to tied himself to the mast of the ship and his friends  to cover their ears with wax, to be not captivated and die later. Siren or not, since the days of Adam and Eve we were considered the  most  dangerous experience that can happen to a man …

Mermaid  because I would have liked to be born siren, I’ve always been fascinated from them. As a child I was convinced that sooner or later I would have met her and I always thought that in reality everybody were contesting the existence,otherwise they would have been  killed, torn apart and  canned  as tuna.

… and like all mermaids in the city, I’m outsider so I have to immerse myself  in the bathtub just because  I won’t to lose the feeling of having a fin, a bit like Daryl Hannah in Splash… not super hot like her.

daril hann

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