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we will all dress like in a Wes Anderson film…


I love Saturday, after a week when I wake up at the crack of dawn, roll around in bed until 11 makes me feel good as a cat behind the window in the sun. Hatch at the end of the street is my favorite place, salmon bagel with cream salt, rocket, and orange juice have the same effect as sativa on an expert smoker.

I love Saturday morning I can go shopping alone, Mattias hates central London over the weekend and find a gilrfriend free on Saturday mornings, it’s a little  bit like looking for a 35 year old man beautiful, smart, funny, not sociopath or bipolar, that it’s not  already married or engaged.


Oxford Circus it’s an hellish pit on Saturday, 12-years old girls intent on making their first shopping at Topshop, Italians on holiday walking in groups of four in line on the sidewalk and a guy that manages with the voice to recreate  “All That She Wants “of Ace of Base. After only four minutes I already knew that Mattias watching four episodes of” Narcos “in the bed, has perhaps already reached  the nirvana.

All of more I’ve noticed that 70’s are back, bell-bottom pants, but slightly above the ankle, jackets with  indecipherable colors (beige brown slightly orange, almost vomit) striped shirts, trapeze skirts with patterned wallpaper, like my grandma’s house in the early 80s, seem to be the top of the cool autumn 2015. It seems a  poetic retelling of 70’s made by  Wes Anderson. So if like me, you consider  Margot in the Royal Tenenbaums a queen of style, well this is your winter.


Illustration  Lisa Robson

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