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Louis Vuitton, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Miss Italy

The beginning of September is always full of good intentions. I plan to do detox diets and yoga at least three times a week that even Maharishi, start  doing  Japanese / Korean cooking course, raising unicorns and change the world. Among the many good intentions of September one of them will be the  detoxification from Facebook, I promised myself not to read  at least comments under the various newspaper’s news, but especially  do not comment never again do not involucrare myself in  philosophical, political or pseudo ethical  battles with anybody …  my brother is right when says that, facebook is a little bit like the Sala Parigi * …

First big news in the Italian online newspaper and most commented on facebbok in September was obviously the comments of Miss Italy to a question worthy of an old-fashioned competition like Miss Italy. “In what period of the past you would have liked to live?” Miss Italy answered 1942 (’42-45 Italy was in the second world war). she also said as women she should not have do the  military service, she would rather stay home. How to destroy years of feminism and common knowledge that belong to basic education in a nanosecond, but does not really matter she has long legs, I am sure that one day she would inherit the Gelmini’s ** crown.

The second big news of September Italian online newspaper, which all everyone commented, even those who have never listen one of his songs, it is that Giovanni Lindo Ferretti ** went to the gathering of right party, Atreju. Poor Atreju a rebellious kid, intelligent, became the symbol of right Italian youth.

Lindo Ferretti  was a Soviet punk saying in his lyrics stuff like “disobey the ritual” “I want to take refuge under the Warsaw Pact …” he represented, I mean in part, my years of rebellion and anger against a system that thought was too conservative and retrograde. Sadly the end of the heroin addiction, in this case, has done more damages than good. After Ratzinger, seeing him posing with  Giorgia Meloni *** was shocking. As if I had seen Kurt Cobain duet with Aqua or worse with the Lady Gaga. I forgot Vedder with Beyonce’… but here we talk about Beyonce’.

In total disappointment, very faithful to my line and ignoring the disgust  I have always had for Louis Vuitton bags, the symbol of bourgeois ladies of the province. The typical bag of the tedious aunt with the 1980s brown mink, I went to see Series 3.

The opening was a triumph of stars, models and fashion designers … I read  it on Vogue. I saw the pictures and made the save image of some clothes that I cannot never afford

So I booked. I decided to go with Mattias on Sunday. September in London is spectacular. Sun, 25 degrees, go around in t-shirt at the end of September, it’s like winning a lottery for albinos, born on February 28.

Series 3 explains the creative process of the idea and inspiration that is behind the latest  collection autumn / winter 2015-16 designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere.

180 Strand is a fantastic space close to Somerset House. If you’ve never been there , the next time you come to London avoided Oxford Circus and go there.

dome                 corridoio

Futuristic! The first room is dominated by a huge sphere, the genesis of the idea. A tribute to the architect Richard Buckminster, you can find the same version in the Vuitton Foundation in Paris. From the  Master mind  room through a corridor that reminds so much of a spaceship, you get to a room that is all a giant screen, where the idea takes shape by layering of  images and shapes.


Next room refers to the next phase, the real crafted  creation of the object. It is  all projected on a screen on the real work table on which you can experience the worker perspective.

tavolo lavoro

Until you get to the fashion show itself. I have never experience it before. I do not deny that I had a certain effect, sit on the steps and watch the giant video vertical, project the image of real models on a catwalk. He made me feel Anne Wintour for 1 minute.


Series 3 Exhibition is worth, do not stop at  the appearances, although if you’re still hardcore fans of Kathleen Hanna and punk was your only real passion for decades, do not tell anyone and go anyway.


*Paris room, bar, games room of Foggia, best known as the place where and ‘can meet the most’ disparate characters engaged in conversations ranging from internal politics, foreign, regional, through the shooting in District Candelaro (version Foggia Hackney Central before gentrification).

** Mariastella Gelmini, Minister of Education, one of the worst of the Italian Republic. She belong to the ex Berlusconi party. Well know as really uneducated politician. She gets this position because part of the Berlusconi’s mistresses crew.

** *John Lindo Ferretti, frontman of an italian punk band called CCCP, CSI and then PGR. I really suggest to listen to them. The best album in my opinion is “Faithful to the line.”It does not really matter if you do not understand the lyrics. I grew up singing Nirvana and Sonic Youth without understand a word, like 80% of my friends. I was sometimes portatili scream “Pennyroyal Teaaaa” at some school concert.

fedeli alla linea

**** Is an Italian politician. Minister of Youth Giorgia Meloni was in the IV Berlusconi government and president of the Young Italy. She is part of the extreme right Italian party.

Rossella Forle’ as mermaid in the city

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