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10 things to know about Italian women in London

by: Rossella Forle’

I know I know this type of posts are usually full of common opinions about a specific category of people or nationality, well this post is not so different.

I don’t want to offend any Italian women who live here in London, any references to people and events is completely random, but after years of observation, focus groups and conversations I can say the following:

1.The Italian  women did not get totally drunk  – we love good wine and Prosecco, we can down 3 bottles between three of us in less than a couple of hours, but you will never see an Italian woman completely drunk without shoes or vomiting in the street, perhaps demeanor or because we find it a bit outdated, but get drunk to nearly get to the alcohol coma or loose human dignity, it’s not for us.


2. She spends most of her money on food – you know London is not  well known for great food, but lately the fashion hipster food and organic coffee has improved the situation around. Despite the multitude and variety of cuisines from all  around the world in the capital, most of us eat and believes that only the Italian food, is the only one worthy of being considered as real food. The Italian spends nearly half of her salary in food. They would sell your right hand to buy the Mulino Bianco biscuits, the Gentilini, the tomato sauce Cirio  and pasta DeCecco … and then let’s face the truth, would be a sacrilege scratch cheddar cheese on pasta.

3. The rest … in clothes and shoes – you can recognize an Italian in any context you are in, she will be the most trendy or often the more traditionally respectful of styles and fashions, including those not fully relate to her  cultural background. If we have to be punk, we will be the most traditional punk around, if we’re hipster, we will be the most respectful of hipster style of the planet. Generally the Italian are shopping everywhere from Topshop to Primark, to New Bond Street. They do not overdo anything, we are respectful of the trends and fashion, never too much like English girls, never too casual like Spanish. Dressing randomly, it is not contemplated in the Italian vocabulary, she will always wear a line of eye liner and match her shirt with shoes, even if she has to go to buy milk to Tesco.

hipster                                    ragazza alla moda
4. they always complain about Italian men – you can recognize an Italian girl because at the first sign of appreciation of the Mediterranean man by British, American or French women “Oh Italian men are so sexxxyyyy” the Italian shakes her head and starts to underline the absolute irresponsibility and unreliability of our men, providing documented evidence on the subject and rounding off with stuff like “At the end of the day not all of them are so good in bed.”

raul                           italian macho

5. They work so much and hate the other Italian at work – the Italian arrive in London with such a desire to work and career that are tireless. In every situation you can meet them, they work a lot, often capable women but bitches with other women just like in Italy. Thy fear and hate competition, especially with another Italian.

6. They ALWAYS come back to Italy at Christmas and in the Summer – the Italian woman has already booked the Christmas holiday on the 5th August. In December she is doing Christmas shopping for everyone, for the nephew of her ex colleague to the cat’s friend of the aunt’s neighbor . In the summer, then, thinking that an Italian can settle of the English see, it’s impossible like see the Rolling Stones play at the festival of pork in Ariccia! There is nothing, no work, love or cataclysm that takes them here, the Italian in August returns home, often to the south because ‘you know’ the beautiful sea is only from Puglia to Sicily.



7. When it comes to fashion and food of course boast of their Italian roots is must – we can speak evil of politics, employment status and  Italian men, but we are so proud of food, art and fashion, that McQueen is considered as a poor man who dress women like shit.

8. They talk, talk, talk often loudly – the Italian, though with a heavy Italian accent, learn to speak English because it would be impossible for them not to talk. We talk about everything, always and loudly

9. We know ALL  each other- whatever their origin from Milan to Palermo, here in London we all know each other, we will always know the friend of a friend boyfriend’s cousin from Bologna, that went to University with the sister’s of our best gay friend. Although in the same condition of emigrant abroad there will be, even here the emigrant  from South Italy and the emigrant from North Italy. You will always find the Milanese or Florentine girl asking with a bit of snobbish attitude ” are you from Naples ? ” and looking at  you like a plastic shoes in the Via Sannio market. If your answer is “no, I’m from Foggia” while saying “ah ok”, she is almost holding a keck.

10. We will always complain about cold and rain – No matter how many years living in London at the beginning of November and the first winter rains she will complain  about cold and rain, with anyone from the guy at the cafe next the office, to the taxi driver . The question “how is the weather in Italy ?” is the beginning of any kind of telephone conversation or chatting on whatsapp with her mother, her friends and customer service operator of easyJet. Even the most cosmopolitan girl has the weather app sets on temperatures of London, Bari and New York.

I love my country and all the Italian immigrants like me!

bandiera italiana

Special thanks to Flavio, the most lovely English/ Italian man I know!


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