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desolate landscape and long shadows – the visual journey of Efterglow

It’s a cold sunny Sunday afternoon in London and I have been invited by my friend Iti to see Erki Pärnoja and his band at the Barbican.

The music feels like a mellow yet rough soundtrack for an imaginary movie. An acoustic, synthetic, visual experience. I’m alone in a desolate landscape overlooking miles of dry pinnacles eroded by wind and water.

The ethereal grieving synthesizer sound blend with a groovy cutting guitar, drowned in the shimmering reverb of the wind. The band is creating a cinematographic journey, the result of dream- pop and guitar rock from the ‘70s.


Erki Pärnoja is well known as songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for his work as guitarist in the Estonian art-pop group “Ewert and The Two Dragons” – and he now reveals a diverse and more alternative side of himself as a frontman and songwriter during this gig at the Barbican.

erki 3

His unique Nordic touch, impressionist guitar soundscape and the high instrumental skills of the whole band brought him the Artist Award of this year’s Tallinn Music Week Festival.

Efterglow has been introduced to a wider public by ‘Jazzpresent to Europe’ in collaboration with the Estonian Jazz Union and Jazzkaar festival for the Republic of Estonia’s 100th birthday. As part of the project, Estonian jazz musicians will travel to Belgium, the UK, Finland, and Germany.

The gig is part of the EFG London Jazz Festival – presented by the Barbican Associate Producer Serious that comprises hundreds of gigs across the city, from established icons of the genre to the next big things and

Erki Pärnoja – guitar
Jonas Kaarnamets – guitar
Filip Leyman – keyboards
Peedu Kass – bass, double bass
Kristjan Kallas – drums

are definitely one of them.

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